Broan Wall Heater with Built-In Thermostat, 2000W - 192

Perfect for lobbies, entrance ways, vestibules or any area requiring high wattage heating. All models feature an energy-saving, built-in fan-delay switch, which allows element to warm up before fan starts, preventing cold air delivery. The fan also remains on as the element cools down to provide the most efficient use of the remaining warmth.

  • 100% Efficient Heating Element. Steel-Sheathed, Plate-Finned, Heavy-Duty Enclosed Heating Element Provides Heat Quickly And Quietly
  • Factory Wired For 2000W At 240V Ac – Easily Converts To Half-Wattage
  • Adjustable, Built-In Heavy-Duty Disc-Type Thermostat. Thermostat Security Cover Included. Can Be Operated By Built-In Adjustable Thermostat Or Optional Wall-Mount Thermostat
  • Manual Reset Overload Protection
  • Internal Fan Delay Prevents Cold Air Delivery
  • Heavy-Duty, One-Piece Steel Grille Louved To Direct Air Downward For Even Room Heating
  • Durable, White Baked Enamel Grille Blends With Virtually Any Decor; Keeps Its Appearance After Years Of Use Even In High-Traffic Areas
  • Permanently Lubricated Motor
  • Complete Heater Assembly Can Be Easily Removed From Housing For Cleaning
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